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Comprehensive Insect Reports & Air Duct Cleaning

From insect reports to duct cleaning, Bradford Pest Control of VA in Fredericksburg, Virginia, handles it all for you. We work hard to ensure the integrity and protection of your commercial or residential property.

Moisture Inspections

Knowing the moisture content of the wood is particularly helpful for problems with wood-boring beetles and wood-decaying fungi. Wood moisture content can only be determined using a moisture meter. Make sure that enough readings are collected to determine the area of concern. High wood-moisture readings above 20% in crawlspaces, attics, or exterior walls of log homes could indicate problems other than insects.

Insect Reports

Wood Destroying Insect Reports (WDIR) are used by inspection and pest management companies to officially record the results of an inspection. It is performed prior to the purchase of your real estate property to determine if there are any wood-destroying termites, carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, and carpenter bees causing damage to the property.


The house odorous ant or "sugar ant" has moved extensively across Virginia in recent years, and effective management is becoming a concern. Since day one, ants have been causing problems since they entered the United States.


Once bed bugs have invaded your home, they can be tough to eliminate. Their habits, size, and hardy nature help contribute to their persistence in homes. A bed bug's secretive nature makes it a difficult pest to identify and eliminate.

Two Ants - Insect Reports

Air Duct Cleaning

Using the RamAir Duct Cleaning System, we clean your dryer vents or ducts in just 30 minutes to two hours. Once we're done cleaning, you'll really see the difference. We recommend that you hire us every two years to remove dust and dirt in your ducts, and for your dryer vents, we recommend cleaning once a year.

Learn more about our air duct cleaning services by contacting our experienced team in Fredericksburg, Virginia.